Award of Excellence Gold Medal Winner at the 2015 INPEX Invention & New Product Exposition

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Stay Healthy & Keep Your Peace of Mind With America’s Best Airplane Seat Covers For Headrests

We consistently want to deliver on our commitment to bring peace of mind to our customers, innovative products that look and feel good, dependability, product integrity and value in the Head Defender brand.

Why Choose HeadDEFENDER?

Did you know some commercial airlines only clean their planes every 3-4 weeks! When you consider the fact that some bacteria can live up to a week in planes and the thousands of flyers per week in a given plane, this creates a disgusting breeding ground of potentially dangerous germs. Why just protect your head & face? Because your face, neck, and head are the most at-risk area on your body for germ exposure. So there is no need for a bulky and inconvenient full seat cover. Simply use the HeadDEFENDER to slip over airplane headrests and then use sanitizer wipes to wipe down your armrests for protection against disease-causing microbes and germs.

  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Simple to use
  • Takes only seconds to put in place
  • Anti-microbial
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Fits most standard airline seats
  • Great for trains and movie theaters


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Why HeadDEFENDER Is Superior to Airplane Seat Covers

With the HeadDEFENDER, you can protect yourself from germs without the inconvenience of using a full-size airplane seat cover. Your “germ danger zones” are your eyes, mouth, nose, and ears; in other words—your head. The HeadDEFENDER focuses on where you’re most vulnerable. Unlike big bulky airline seat covers, which can be time consuming and difficult to use, the HeadDEFENDER is compact, light, and only takes seconds to place on your airplane seat. So you can quickly protect yourself without inconveniencing other passengers. The best part is this powerful protection looks great and is so small it can fit in your pocket!